Pre & Post Dermal Fillers

If you have any questions, or experience any other side effects from the treatment not listed on this page, please contact the clinic on 021951720



Let your nurse know if your medical history has changed in any way, if you have started taking new supplements or medications 

Avoid non-prescribed anti-inflammatories/anticoagulants, avoid fish oils, ginko bilboa, St Johns wart

Medications that cause blood thinning may increase bruising and bleeding, seek advice pre-treatment if you are taking these medications 

Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours pre-treatment 

Reduce caffiene intake and high intensity exercise the day of treatment.

Do not have any treatments that break the surface of the skin 14 days pre-treatment 

Do not have any dental treatment 4 weeks pre and post dermal filler 

Do not have any international travel planned the week following your filler treatment 

You must be feeling well, and have no active infection at the site or active acne or cold sores 


Your skin may show redness and swelling for 72 hours post-treatment, this is normal and usually, for a short duration of time, you can use a cool compress on and off to help with symptoms 

Avoid makeup for 12 hours post 

Avoid intensive exercise for 12 hours post 

Avoid putting pressure on the area for a few days 

Keep your hands clean and try to avoid touching your face 

No saunas/spas/public swimming pools for 24 hours post 

Do not have any invasive skin treatments in the area for 4-weeks post 

There is a chance you may experience firmness, swelling, lumps bumps or itchiness, these are common side effects and usually temporary lasting up to a week. Get in touch if you are concerned.

If you experience any signs of vascular occlusion  (mottled lace-like rash, severe bruising pain or blanching) as discussed at your consent, please get in touch immediately.

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