Pre & Post Dermal Fillers

If you have any questions, or experience any other side effects from the treatment not listed on this page, please contact us on 021951720 



  • Let you nurse know if your medical history has changed in anyway, if you have started taking new supplements or medications 
  • Medications that cause blood thining may increase brusing and bleeding, seek advice pre-treatment if you are taking these medications 
  • Avoid consuming alchohol for 24 hours pre treatment 
  • Do not have any treatments that break the surface of the skin 14 days pre treatment 
  • Do not have any dental treatment 4 weeks pre and post dermal filler 
  • Do not have any internation travel planned the week following your filler treatment 
  • You must be feeling well, and have not active infection at the site or active acne or coldsores 


  • Your skin may show redness and swelling for 72 hours post-treatment, this is normal and usually, for a short duration of time, you can use a cool compress on and off to help with symptoms 
  • Avoid makeup for 12 hours post 
  • Avoid intensive exercise for 12 hours post 
  • Avoid putting pressure on the area for a few days 
  • Keep your hands clean and try to avoid touching your face 
  • No saunas/spas/public swimming pools for 24 hours post 
  • Do not have any skin treatments in the area for 4-weeks post 
  • There is a chance you may experience firmness, swelling, lumps bumps or itchiness, these are common side effects and usually temporary lasting up to a week. Get in touch if you are concerned 
  • If you experience any signs of vascular occlusion  (mottled lace-like rash, severe bruising pain or blanching) as discussed at your consent, please get in touch immediately. 
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