Sublime 571

Excellence In Appearance Medicine

Sublime: "of very great excellence or beauty"
Dedicated to personal experience and time taken to care.

Sublime 571

Sublime: "Of very great excellence or beauty".
Dedication to outstanding service in every aspect of your skin journey.
Sublime is set in beautiful, relaxing surroundings so you can escape the hustle and bustle!
With an emphasis on taking the time to care. You are not just a number or an appointment schedule, you matter.

Sublime 571

Striving for excellence, time taken to care, love & attention.
With personalised service, the time is taken to get to know you and address your concerns. 
A plan is then implemented to help you look more refreshed and youthful, and for you to feel confident in your own skin.
Invest in some 'You' time and achieve optimal aesthetic results.
& Fine lines
Loss of facial volume/sagging
Excessive sweating

Hi, I'm Anna!
I am inspired by helping people feel confident in their appearance. Nothing brings me more satisfaction and joy than seeing my clients smile after making a subtle, rejuvenating change.

I enjoy working with the skin and am passionate about helping with age-related concerns.

I love the client journey and form close relationships with my clients. I have 16 years of nursing experience under my belt and have worked in many different nursing fields, the latest prior to appearance medicine- being Neonatology Special Care Baby Unit.

I have over 2 years of previous experience as an injector having worked for well-known franchises/companies. I am overseen by a Doctor who belongs to the NZSCM and participate in regular clinic audits, and team case reviews, which is one of the many ways I keep my professional practice up to date and safe.

I feel that life is too short not to look and feel your sexy best and advise people to take their skin health seriously.


A Member of CANN

Cosmetic Appearance Nurse Network

CANN is a governing body setting a strict code of conduct for its nurses.
CANN promotes the highest professional standards and provides high-level advice, policy guidance and education. You can expect a high level of skill and professional practice.

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