Wrinkles and Fine Lines

With anti-wrinkle injections and dermal needling procedures, you can control the ageing process and look and feel your best at any age.


As part of the ageing process, our skin becomes less elastic, thinner and drier. Due to repeated facial movements over time, wrinkles and creases form in the skin. The wrinkles and creases that you see when making expressions are called Dynamic wrinkles, when these wrinkles are present without facial movements, they are called static wrinkles. Wrinkles and lines typically occur along with other signs of skin ageing and sun exposure, such as alterations in skin texture, uneven pigmentation and increased redness. Therefore, a good skincare regime should be considered.

The most frequent sites for wrinkles are between the eyes (frown lines), sides of eyes (crow’s feet), forehead (worry lines) and around the mouth.

Treatment Options

Protecting your skin from the sun, and a good basic skincare regime is the first recommendation. As well as healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. All other anti-wrinkle treatments complement this. 

  • Anti-wrinkle injections to relax muscles and remove or soften wrinkles.
  • Micro-needling to boost collagen and tighten skin
  • Profhilo® for bio-remodelling and to address skin laxity.

The Sublime Approach

Before any treatment commences an initial consultation is required. This is an hour appointment and has a non-refundable $50 booking fee that will be deducted off your treatment should you go ahead with a procedure. Antiwrinkle injections can be included in this time. Your medical history and skin concerns will be assessed. It is an opportunity for your questions to be answered. Together we discuss a suitable treatment plan. You are under no obligations to undergo treatment then and there, you may wish to have a think about it first, and book in for treatment later.


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